The Quartet


Akhtamar, an armenian legend. The name of the quartet is based on the armenian pieces by Komitas/Aslamazyan, that the ensemble plays regularly since its foundation, and which became its signature.

The Akhtamar Quartet regularly performs all around Europe. The string quartet plays in well-known festivals such as Radio France in Montpellier, the festival van Vlaanderen, Voix Intimes, Quatuor à l’Ouest, Midis-Minimes, Musicancy, festival du Vigan, the Festival of MonteLeón… 

The ensemble was invited on “France Culture” radio in 2017, “France Musique” in 2018 and Musiq’3 in 2019 and 2020. 

The ensemble is part of Le Dimore del Quartetto since 2018.

In February 2020, the quartet released its first cd, legende armenienne, a collaboration with Cypres Records. For the 150th birthday of Komitas, the quartet has recorded the Komitas/Aslamazyan’s miniatures and “un quatuor arménien” of Eugenie Alecian, at Bruges’ Concertgebouw.

The quartet is also committed to social projects : they played several times in psychiatric institutes in Paris, and also regularly in schools in Brussels. Since 2017, they perform their musical tale for primary schools and a show for 12 to 18 years old, as part as the Jeunesses Musicales Tours. The ensemble also works with the Papier Plum’ Company.

The Akhtamar Quartet was founded at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. The quartet was tutored by Guy Danel and the Debussy String Quartet during its studies. It is also in a string quartet post-graduate at the Joseph Haydn Institut in Vienna University of Music, in the class of Johannes Meissl and Vida Vujic. 

The ensemble is also part of ProQuartet‘s and the ECMA (European Chamber Music Academy) training institutions, in which they have been taught by the Alban Berg Quartet, Natalia Prishepenko and Eberhard Feltz.

In 2014, the Akhtamar Quartet won the the Horlait-Dapsens Prize in Brussels, and in July 2016, they received the second prize given by the belgian radio Musiq’3.

The Akhtamar Quartet is supported by


A strange word sounding like the Orient
Noun with multiple meaning


Princesse, beloved
From the one who let out this scream
« Akh Tamar ! »
When he was drowned by the floods
After the Breath wiped out
The gleam taut of his loved one


Isle of the Van lake
Cathedral taut towards the volcans
With the stones marked from the genius of Mankind
As a blast of air to the great light
With painted walls
As an inspiration towards the close light


Lacklustre, stroken down
The stormes lash you
Your gleam comes back
Wrap the Men who try the hyphen
Finally light
You guide our children who are born a second time to life.


Your music
As a note taut to Life

Akhtamar :

Your young musicians rekindle music as Tamar light.