«Last night... What a beautiful concert of Akhtamar Quartet! 
Exquisite, charming, and powerful, at the same time. Bravo! for this young Belgians of the highest level! A perfect closing concert for an exceptional edition!»

Monteleón Festival – 2019

« What I experienced was a truly aesthetic sound identity, a single vibration shared by the four musicians. I never felt such powerful emotion in my whole life. They exactly managed to catch the spirit of my composition. »

Eugénie Alécian – Nouvelles d'Arménie Magazine – FR

«The audience was captivated by the virtuosity and the sensitivity of the four artists »

La Nouvelle République – FR

«Their delicate and passionate way of playing has already made the tour of Europe. »

Nicolas Debatty - Matélé – BE

«The sparkly and talented Akhtamar quartet is off to a flying start!»

Laurent Graulus - Musiq'3 - BE  

«The musicians of the Akhtamar Quartet showed a real talent for portraying Debussy's colors, embracing his music as if it was their own.»

Veerle Knopskaya Deknopper – BE


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