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“Legende armenienne” on the SRW2 radio, March 2020, DE : Listen to the show (1:16:50)

“These are melodies of great silence and vastness, of speaking melancholy, unsentimental, harsh clarity and intensity. Even the exuberant dance songs, rustic and harsh, remain enigmatic in their very own tone, set in the borderland between the Balkans and the Orient. A discovery, this repertoire – and played absolutely convincingly, by the Akhtamar Quartet. This new CD has been released on the Belgian label Cypres Records.”

Dorothea Bossert – SWR2 – 2020

“Legende armenienne” on :

“Puisque vous avez du talent”, Musiq’3, February 2020, FR : Listen to the interview

«Last night… What a beautiful concert of AKHTAMAR STRING QUARTET!! 
Exquisite, charming, and powerful, at the same time.
Bravo! for this young Belgians of the highest level!
A perfect closing concert for an EXCEPTIONAL edition»

Monteleón Festival – 2019

Article from La Nouvelle République, november 2019, FR : Read more

Article about “Tzoliné” from La Nouvelle République, november 2019, FR : Read more

Babel Café, Jemelle, April 2019, FR : video

France Musique “Génération France Musique, le live”, November 2018, FR : Listen to the interview (30′)

BFM TV, September 2018, FR : video

On the train! August 2018, FR : video

Article from Nouvelles d’Arménie Magazine, October 2018, FR : Read more

Corps, August 2018, FR : Read more

Ancy-Le-Franc, June 2018, FR : Read more

Vinsobres, April 2018, FR : Read more

Article from Les Colibris, Jeunesses Musicales, Tournai, March 2018, FR : Read more

Articles about our tour in Alsace: in l’Alsace and Dernières nouvelles d’Alsace, December 2017, FR:




Abbaye de Marbach, article from Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, August 2017, FR: Read more

Live interview, France Culture, July 2017, FR: Interview

Festival Radio France Montpellier St-Georges d’Orques, July 2017, FR: Read more

Festival Radio France Montpellier Vendargues, July 2017, FR: Read more

Article from Krant van West-Vlaanderen, May 2017, BE:  Read more

Article from Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, April 2017, FR: Read more

Article from Ophicléide, April 2017, FR: Read more

Article from Nouvelles d’Arménie Magazine, May 2016, FR: Read more

Article from Tagblatt at Tübingen, June 2016, DE: Read more

Article from Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, March 2015, FR: Read more

«I had the great opportunity to work with the Akhtamar quartet for my first creation of a string quartet. I was impressed by theses musician’s talent, enthousiasm and professionalism!»

Maël Bailly – Composer – 2015

Akhtamar in the wedding from Stromae, December 2015, BE: Read more

Akhtamar in the RTBF, November 2014, BE: Read more

«The bubbly and talented Akhtamar quartet is off to a flying start!»

«The quartet, whose name comes from a storytail of the arminian island Akhtamar, demonstrates a high quality show and a new view on the different aspects of (good) music.»

Laurent Graulus – RTBF – Musiq’3 – 2014


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