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Music 4 Armenia – Musique pour l’Arménie


Discover our tour through a documentary series in five episodes directed by Baptiste Cogitore.

Music to heal a grievously wounded and bereaved population?

This is the quest of the musicians of Akhtamar Quartet : through these French and Armenian melodies to contribute to the renewal of hope in a much-abused and bruised country. 

Since the 27th September 2020, Armenia yet again finds itself staring catastrophe in the face. Despite the ceasefire of the 9th November, the situation in the country remains extremely worrying. Military action has led to the deaths of 5000 largely teenage soldiers, many thousands wounded and tens of thousands of families forced into exile. The visible marks of Armenia’s suffering will in time fade but the spiritual scars constitute a near-permanent additional disfigurement. 

 The Akhtamar Quartet will leave for Armenia in early June 2021 for two weeks. The primary aim of the trip is to fill hospitals, schools and rural areas with music. Many Armenians, sensitive and appreciative of classical music, have had little or no access to any for far too long. 

In order to introduce as many people as possible to the works of French composer Claude Debussy, French-Armenian composer Eugénie Alécian, Armenian music by Komitas/Aslamazyan among others, the Akhtamar Quartet will give several free concerts in Erevan, Gyumri, Etchmiadzine and elsewhere. 

Through friends and contacts, the Akhtamar Quartet is well aware of the psychological state of Armenia’s children – unprotected as they are from the many forms of pain and suffering that inevitably accompany events such as those that have recently occurred. In response to this, Akhtamar will perform their children’s show “The Dream Makers” in various Armenian schools. This show without words highlights the poetic and unifying power of music, the true universal language. 

The Akhtamar Quartet will be accompanied by the film director Baptiste Cogitore, whose independent Western eye will provide an outsider’s perspective not only upon the current physical condition of Armenia but also upon its musical and cultural well-being.
Who is Baptiste Cogiotre? Let’s introduce him HERE.

N.B: the concerts will fully adhere to the prevailing health regulations and guidelines. 

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With the support of the French Embassy in Armenia and Wallonie-Bruxelles International, the Swiss association of “Amis du Dr Korczak”, the Boghossian Foundation, the UGAB France, Gyumri’s Rotary Club, KASA association and Cadence Music Center