Harmonies of Dreams

Harmonies of Dreams

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Human beings are receptive to music throughout their lives. Both a universal language and a source of well-being, music is used increasingly in the medical world. Its benefits are most renowned in psychiatric care and the monitoring of patients, as it has a clear impact on motor functions and memory. Convinced by these potential benefits, the Akhtamar quartet formed a mission to make their music sound in hospitals and medical institutions. Through their live performances, they would share the qualities of journeys and dreams with those patients who no longer have the opportunity or ability to experience them.
The project is based on principles of music therapy.

The performances, written according to the ages of different audiences (children, adolescents or adults) have been created in direct liaison with healthcare professionals. They are dedicated to patients with mental health disabilities and/or handicaps, whether or not they are permanent residents. Over a period of four days, the Akhtamar Quartet gives ten performances to small groups of patients, during which they prioritize interaction and moments to share.

“Les Faiseurs de rêves” – Musical show for children in the psychosocial centre in Gyumri (Armenia) – June 2021

Concert in support of nurses during the health crisis in Liege – July 2021

The project has already taken place in the Liège region for more than 200 patients and will continue to develop all over Belgium. In the long-term, the aim of the project is to create more and more communication between healthcare centers and professional musicians, so that artistic performances are as pertinent and useful as possible.

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