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First album

First album

“The Akhtamar quartet favors tenderness and melancholy. By its lightness and its sophistication (…) this chamber music interpretation is defined by its intimate and sometimes naive character.”

Fabienne Bouvet — Classica Magazine — 2021

“Komitas’s Miniatures are lively and folky, while Alécian’s Un quatuor arménien has a darker, more wistful outlook. The admirable Akhtamar Quartet seems equally at home with the demands of both.”

BBC Music Magazine — 2020

Légende arménienne nominated for the “Octaves de la musique”:

“A powerful work, sketched out by an admirable quartet, narrating a country that never stops dancing and singing despite intense pain.”

“The Akhtamar Quartet’s first cd is a complete succes: brilliant technique, personnal coulour and perfect cohesion. This first disc from the brussel born quartet holds great expectations and offers a passionate trip throught armenian music’s heart, past and future.”

Stéphane Renard — Larsen — 2020

“The cd is outstanding in all respects.”

Adèle Molle — Musiq’3 — 2020

“If you, like me, are a fan of Eastern-sounding music then you are bound to fall for this disc from its first notes and what follows simply builds on that. (…)Finely nuanced performances that bring out every ounce of feeling the music seeks to express.”

Steve Arloff – MusicWeb International – 2020

Légende arménienne is a powerful and deeply affecting disc. Throughout its tracks, the listener can grasp not only all the sorrow of the Armenian people but also the expression of its poetic resilience. The result is achieved in part due to the musical quality of the musical pieces, but most importantly due to this young quartet’s talent. If the astonishing work on technique, details, and intonation are the first things that draw our attention, the quartet also seems to be a real cornucopia of colors and emotions when it comes to finding means to convey these Armenian feelings into music.”

Laurent Graulus – Musiq’3 – 2020

“These are melodies of great silence and vastness, of speaking melancholy, unsentimental, harsh clarity and intensity. Even the exuberant dance songs, rustic and harsh, remain enigmatic in their very own tone, set in the borderland between the Balkans and the Orient. A discovery, this repertoire – and played absolutely convincingly, by the Akhmatar Quartet. This new CD has been released on the Belgian label Cypres Records.”

Dorothea Bossert – SWR2 – 2020