Baptiste Cogitore

Baptiste Cogitore was born in 1987. As a journalist, author, documentary movies maker and editor, he lives and works in Strasbourg (France). Since 2005, he leads his projects with the collective “Rodéo d’âme”, a French theatre company and a publishing house specialized in non-fiction writing and documentary features.

As an author, Baptiste has published books and movies focused on places haunted by plural — and sometimes conflicting — memories: his book Les Gardiens des lieux (“The Places’ Keepers”, 2013) told the metamorphosis from the former synagogues in Alsace (Eastern France). He has spun the creation of a documentary theatre piece in a Palestinian refugees-camp in Bethleem (Traversées, “Crossings”, 2013). His movie Mémoires d’Européens (“Memories of Europeans”, 2015) and his book Aux frontières de l’oubli (“At the Borders of Oblivion”, 2016) were focused on the collective memories in the former communist Europe.

His last movie, Le Fantôme de Theresienstadt (“The Phantom of Theresienstadt”, 2019) tells the true story of a young Czech poet, who has been deported during the Second World War in the Theresienstadt ghetto, and who took part to an extraordinary literary and brotherly adventure, inside the Nazi camps.

As a journalist and freelance reporter, Baptiste Cogitore has worked among others by Arte and France Télévisions (national French TV channels). He regularly takes part to workshops about medias and news-broadcasting issues.

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